Angry Angrygee

Angrygee gets angry at anything, anywhere, anytime. One time, he got so angry, he created the game 'Angry Gees' which helped create the foundations of 'Angry Birds'. He thought his game would vent his anger, but instead it became a hit game for the GPhone, and that made him even angrier (he didn't want a well-known game creators' fame or money). His favorite color is dark green, and his whole house is dark green, and he only eats spinach, because other colors make him angry (even his skin so he also hates mirrors). He has two brothers named Happygee, Sadgee, and a sister named Madzeh. He has two forms, Super Angrygee and Extreme Angrygee. Each angrier than the one before.

He has brown hair and wears clothes similar to Weegee for some apparent reason.

Toon Angrygee

Toon Angrygee

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