The Balleo-Beegee war was a war between the Ultimate Balleo Army and the Great Beegee Army.

Great Beegee Army Members (Main):

Cheif: General Beegee

Commanders: Jeegee, Ceegee, Eeegee

Soldiers: Grenadeegee, Catapulteegee, Kadreegee, Snipeegee, Bombeegee, Barney, Bob the Builder, Bushee, Athleegee, Yigee, Keegee, Billioneegee, Archereegee, Obeseegee, Merpgee

Recorded Deaths of Main Fighters: Billioneegee, Eeegee

Balleo Army Members (Main):

Chief: Balleo

Commanders: Calleo

Soldiers: Simidalleo, Snipalleo, Gelexeegee (renamed Gelexalleo), Bomballeo, Obesealleo, Catapultalleo, Kalleo

In the end, after long and exhausting battles, the Beegees finally prevailed. The loss of General Beegee's father, Billioneegee, at Snipalleo's hands, gave the Beegee Army the extra push of rage they needed. After the defeat, the Balleo Army would hate the Beegees even more and more battles would follow.

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