After the Balleos lost to the Beegees in the Balleo-Beegee War; Snipeegee, Obeseegee, and a few others joined. Moneyalleo also funded the Balleo Army 100 billion dollars, which they used to buy bombs, grenades, and ammunition. Two years later they decided to seek vengeance on the Beegees.

Their first attack lasted for 10 days, and they managed to force the Great Beegee Army to retreat. However, the Balleo Army started running out of ammo and explosives, so they had to stop attacking for a while, and restock.

This gave Beegee the chance to take a breath and make a counterattack. This attack comepletely destroyed the Balleo Army. One of the reasons that this attack was successful was because Beegee used his Ghost Beegee form for the first time and used his Ghost Bazooka on Balleo, causing panic in the Balleo Army. One quarter of its members died, and 1/2 were taken prisoner and sent to planet Blatio, in Beegee Universe. The remaining 1/4 ran away. Although Aerogee and the Skygees were present in the army then, the Great Beegee Army did not need their help to completely destroy Balleo.