The Balleo Star System was once a star system where Balleo, his army, and his followers lived. But one day, the Great Beegee Air Force started a bombardment that would last for exactly 444 days. This continuous attack by Frostgee and his 148,859 Skygees led to the war that no one ever talks about anymore, Balleo-Beegee War III.

The Balleo Army would then counterattack and the war would start, lasting for another 444 days. This was the longest war that Balleo and Beegee ever fought and would be the longest that they would ever fight. It destroyed Balleo's dominion, leaving only the tiny planet of Balentio left, while the rest was conquered by Beegee. The survivors Balleo Army now live on Balentio, even with Armagetian domination.

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