Beegee is the main Fakegee on this wiki, because it's called "The Great Beegee Wiki". He is the cousin/rival of Balleo. Beegee is a very good friend of Ceegee, so their children Keegee and Jeegee also became very good friends. Beegee can summon anything that starts with the letter B, ncluding:

  • Beegee
  • General Beegee
  • Ghost Beegee
  • Super General Beegee
  • Ultimate Beegee
  • Toon Beegee
  • Toon General Beegee
  • Toon Super General Beegee
  • Toon Ghost Beegee

Beegee also has many forms, including General Beegee (head of the Great Beegee Army), Super General Beegee, Dr. Beegee, Ghost Beegee, Glow Beegee, Ultimate Beegee, and Semi-Glow Beegee.

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