Blawidoes are part black widow and part Weegee. They usually marry Gunalleos.

Usually what they look like.

The Blawidoes started when Killeegee got the nearly extinct Blawido Virus when in the forest near a cliff. She was with her husband Pistoleegee Gunalleo. She got the virus and since she had Machineegee Gunalleo as a child, she pushed Pistoleegee Gunalleo off the cliff because she was then a Blawido. After that incident, she married another Gunalleo (unknown name) and had Bazukeegee Gunalleo/Blawido. When Bazukeegee became a woman, she killed many Weegees and Gunalleos and had many children. That's how the Blawidoes started to form. Later, before Killeegee died, she made many clones of herself and her clones made many clones of themselves so Killeegee never died.