Cloud Strifegee started off as a weak boy. Then eventually met a boy named Zack Fairgee and they became best friends. When their allies turned against them, Cloud Strifegee was drugged and was asleep for days. By the time he was fully awaken, however, Zack Fairgee was lying next to him covered in blood. For the allies attacked him and made him close to death Before Zack Fairgee died, he gave Cloud Strifegee his sword of honor and told Cloud Strifegee that he would be Zack Fairgee's living legacy. And with his final words to Cloud Strifegee, he died. Then Cloud Strifegee started fighting, mostly for revenge.

His memories got confused with Zack Fairgee's, so he thought he was a professional fighter. And he has been in a depressed mood ever since he found out his memories were fake.