Dalbeeger (pronounced dal-BEE-ger as opposed to dal-BEE-jer) is a clone of Beegee who was created in a cloning

Dalbeeger as shown.

accident. Actually, the result was exactly what was intended, but it was still an accident. Somehow. When the Balleo-Beegee War began, he decided not to join the Great Beegee Army, but was ridiculed. Still, he never joined. However, he supplied the Beegee Army with weapons and ammunition, which he made himself. His weapons worked very well and contributed to Balleo's defeat. After the war, Balleo discovered Dalbeeger had made the weapons, and hired an assassin to kill him. Dalbeeger was shot in the head and killed, but was very valuable so Reviveegee revived him. He currently lives on Beejiter designing weapons for the next Balleo war.
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