Ghost Beegee

Ghost Beegee

Ghost Beegee is another form of Beegee. He is a ghost, so he can move through anything that blocks his way. He is a bit more powerful than Super General Beegee. He can summon objects that start with the letter "B", like General Beegee, Super General Beegee, and Beegee himself, but in the ghost form. Like, Ghost Bazooka (a bazooka, just a bit more powerful than the original one), and Ghost Bob the Builder, (a more powerful form of Bob the Builder).

Sometimes Beegee uses his Ghost Beegee form to be left in peace from his daily work. At times like that, he likes to travel to Norteether to meditate in the graveyard of his ancestors. Annoyingee used to live next to the graveyard, but he is presumed dead at the hands of Ghost Beegee. He upgrades when he reaches level 20.

Toon Ghost Beegee

His upgrade