Ghost Grenade is a grenade that belongs to Ghost Beegee. There isn't any known record of his using it as of yet, but since it is invisible, he may very well have used it without anyone knowing.

It is one of the two known long-range explosive weapons owned by Ghost Beegee.


There are certain signs that may provide evidence of Ghost Beegee using the Ghost Grenade.

A Fakegee living next to the graveyard where Ghost Beegee likes to meditate mysteriously dissappeared one night after a colossal explosion in his house. The neighbor had been known to bother Ghost Beegee's nightly meditations by playing loud music. This neighbor was, of course, Annoyingee.

But of course, the explosion could also have been Extreme Angrygee who has also been known to repeatedly be provoked by Annoyingee. This may have been another weapon that is unknown to the world.

COOL KAT RUMORS (written in my secret lang lang called dslfjkjasd)

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