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Welcome to the Great Beegee Wiki, where youare free to add anything related to Beegee or

Fakegees! Have a Very BEEGEE Day!

P.S. Beegee Rules! P.S.S. Balleo Drools!

Two Common Questions: What is Beegee?

And what are Fakegees???

Answer: Beegee is a recolor of Weegee. Weegee is an internet meme based on Luigi's sprite in the old Mario game "Mario is Missing". In the computer version of it, Luigi has a strange stare and is called "Weegee" throughout the game. Later, some guy made a high-quality Photoshopped version of Luigi's sprite and Weegee was born.

Fakegees are Weegee recolors. They presumably have different powers.

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