The Gunalleoes are not at all fond of cameras. If you take a picture of them or just try to, they definitely will murder you. The Gunalleoes' bodies are made up of guns, gun powder, and more gun related things.

The Gunalleoes started when Pistoleegee wanted a new name. He was a smart but geeky Fakegee. Then, one day, as he was starting to study the Guna Virus, he found out that the Guna Virus could turn you into part gun. He experimented on himself and turned into a half-gun. After that, he renamed himself by what he was and added the name "Gunalleo." That was how the Gunalleos were made.

After Pistoleegee (Pigee) got pushed off a cliff by his wife, Killeegee Blawido knew that the only Gunalleo in the whole United 'Gees Universe left was Machineegee Gunalleo. Killeegee didn't want to make the Gunalleoes extinct so she warned her son not to marry a Blawido. He listened, therefore, he did not make the Gunalleoes extinct.

Usually, Blawidoes marry Gunalleos, but Machineegee Gunalleo is the only Gunalleo that did not marry a Blawido. He cloned himself once before he died and the clone cloned itself before it died, etc., so Machineegee continued on to add to the Gunalleoes so that they will never become extinct.

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