Halloweengee's "Costume"

Hallo ween


Halloweengee is a scary, creepy, and diabolical Fakegee. Halloweengee celebrates his birthday on halloween. There is nothing but pure darkness inside of his soul; no love for anything.

On Halloween he goes around the streets killing children as they walk by his willow tree on the corner of the road. He's been wearing the same costume every year on Halloween. A scary, bloody, ghost with black eye sockets and rotting flesh for a nose.

"What if that isn't a costume?" - A common speculative Fakegee question actully thats not a custume he realy is a Dead Weegee.

He used to help Scareegee and Darkgee bully the little kids on Halloween, but he went farther to murder. When Balleegee suceded into binging the underworld to the living Burkekow meet Halloweegee and had a fight with him (Halloweengee won).