Machineegee Gunalleo is a Weegee/Malleo. His arms are machine guns, his legs are ammo refills, and his eyes are made up of gun powder.

His parents are Machineegee Gunalleo and Killeegee Blawido.

The only reason why we do not have a picture of him is because he doesn't like other people taking pictures of him. If you try to, he will shoot you with exactly 10 bullets in your chest, so don't try ANYTHING stupid around him.

He is the only Gunalleo that did not marry a Blawido. He cloned himself once before he died and the clone cloned itself before it died and so on, therefore, Machineegee Gunalleo continues to add on to the Gunalleoes so that they will become extinct (Gunalleoes usually marry Blawidoes so Blawidoes always kill the Gunalleo after they have their child).


A mini gun, a type of machine gun.