Merpgee is a Beegee clone who was in the Balleo-Beegee War as an infantry fighter. During the war, he

The last known photo of Merpgee before he went missing.

disappeared and has not been seen since. He is presumed dead; however, certain people have theorized that he is in a Balleo Army prison. This theory was supported when, in 2006, a transmission was recieved that was thought to come from a small Balleo Army prison moon called Pralobe. This is the complete text:
This is M(static)m in a Ba(static)eo Army prsion moon an(static)quire (static)ssistance. Please help. Repea(static) in a Balleo (static)rmy (static)rison moon. (static)se help.

It is unknown whether or not Merpgee sent this message; however, it is likely he did. The Balleo Army refuses to acknowledge Pralobe's existence. A Bahzii strike force was sent in to retrieve whoever sent the message. They did not return and no further transmissions were sent. The location and condition of Merpgee is currently unknown. The Great Beegee Army is currently planning another seeking mission having the captain as Tornadeegee.

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