Obeseegee is a very fat Fakegee, probably the fattest in the Beegee Universe. He loves to eat junk food, and has loved junk food for all his life. Obeseegee is embarassed because he is so fat, but still continues to eat, eat, and eat. His eyes are equally as bad, for he watches TV while he eats. His brother is Obesealleo, who is also very fat (but not as fat as him). After his brother joined the Balleo Army, he decided to join the Great Beegee Army. But since he was so fat and un-useful, he was declined. From then he hated Beegee and instead, the Bandit Fakegee Group accepted him.

A Hamburger, one of the many things Obseegee loves to eat.


French Fries




TV, the object that Obeseegee likes to eat in front