The war against Weegee


After Weegee was permanently banned from The Beegee Universe, he was angry. Balleo knew Chroneegee was injured so he replaced him with Timeegee. Beegee first took place and the war started on Balentio.


The war first took place at Beegeetopia a place located in Beejiter. The Great Beegee Army won the battle, and the Balleo Army retreated.

Balleo City

The next war took place at Balleo City, a place located in Balentio. The Balleo Army won this battle but the Great Beegee Army didn't retreat.


The war ended when these 2 sides kept on fighting until the Super Mega Hyper Mega Super Ultra Mega Hyper Epic Bazooka was released. Beegee launched it and it left a big nuclear explosion on Balentio, which caused Balleo's Side to flee out of Balentio (Including Weegee) and were all floating in space.


  • This war took place after the Weegee-Beegee War.
  • It is known that this one ends.
  • This battle is known as The Weegee War.
  • Greegee was mentioned
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