Zack Fairgee is a first class professional fighter. He strives to be the best. His instructer always told him about honor and gave Zack Fairgee an awesome sword as a symbolic sign of honor. Then his fighting instructer was experimented on and became corrupt. Because of his demonic personality and the many murders he caused, Zack had to kill his instructor, as well as best friend.

Later on, when he was on a mission, he met a weak little boy named Cloud Strifegee. They became best friends.

Their allies eventually turned against him and Cloud Strifegee and used both of them as experiment subjects. While experimenting, they heavily drugged Cloud Strifegee, making him asleep for several days. During those days, Zack Fairgee was carrying Cloud Strifegee (since he was asleep) and he was also fighting off his no-longer allies.

Too many of Zack Fairgee's newest enemies attacked at once, making his defence weak, and eventually struck him down dead. Before he died, Cloud Strifegee, now awaken fully, went over to him and noticed Zack Fairgee covered in blood. He gave Cloud Strifegee his very important sword of honor and told Cloud Strifegee that he would be Zack Fairgee's living legacy. And with his final words, he died.